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Performances ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We offer several packages ranging from LED lights to fire! Each performance runs between 5-10 minutes a set and can be choreographed according to your specifications. Prices range per performer, tools used, and number of performances at each event. If you are looking for something specific we would be happy to customize a package for you.

DAYTIME: Homespun Hoops offers flowing and fun performances that include costumes and hoops that glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. This is the perfect match for any type of event.

GLOW/LED: Homespun Hoops will provide a high-energy, rhythmic performance that displays mesmerizing patterns of brightly multicolored lights. Performance area must be dark or in very low light. This is the perfect match for clubs, private parties or any other night time event.



Events ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Liven up your event with Homespun Hoops ambiance! Hooping is a great way to provide lots of laughter & fun. Homespun Hoops can provide the perfect atmosphere for any event! It’s a great way to get everyone involved! Whether you have never hooped before, or your an experienced hooper, all ages enjoy hooping. It creates a great joy within!

We will provide hand made hula hoops for all to share and get your crowd engaged! We create a fun and playful atmosphere at any event! For an additional cost we can provide play-shops with mini-lessons. Guaranteed to get your body spinning! (Hoop dance demo performance during an event is an additional fee.)



~Our performances, parties & events are NOT of an “adult” nature. All shows will be conducted in a tasteful & respectful manner.~

Prices vary depending on the event, email laurie@homespunhoops.com today for pricing information.